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Do you have big dreams, but don't know how to make them happen?

Do you hold yourself back from what you want because it will disrupt the status quo?

Do you get excited about making change but then stall out or sabotage yourself?

Do you want more for yourself?

Are you ready to take action and live the life you're meant to live?

If so, you and I should have a conversation.



I'm a Transformational Coach and Speaker. I help divorced moms lead with their values so they can define motherhood for themselves.

I empower my clients so they can:

  • Challenge the stories that aren't serving them

  • Change their beliefs 

  • Step into their badassery

  • Take inspired action

  • Show up more powerfully for their children



My clients are empowered, passionate women who want to do more with their lives. They believe in themselves, but need some help taking out the head trash. They've been telling themselves what they want is not possible for them, why it's too late or it's too hard, or why they don't deserve it. 

They have a positive mindset and are open to changing their stories. They aren't afraid of looking inward, getting curious and challenging their beliefs.

They're tired of holding themselves back and watching other people do the things they want to do. They may or may not have a plan but they're ready to take action. They are ready to take action, but need some help getting started.


"What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"

Robert H. Schuller



YOU WANT to stop playing small and create a bigger vision for your life. You want to make big changes but you're afraid - afraid it will be too hard or that you might fail. Afraid that going after your dreams will affect everyone around you and disrupt the status quo.

YOU BELIEVE deep down that you are capable of doing more with your life, but find yourself sabotaging your efforts to go after your dreams. You believe you can change your habits, set boundaries and put yourself first, but every time you try, you revert back to your old ways and tell yourself this is not possible for you. You've been doing this for years and don't know how to break the cycle.

YOU ARE WILLING to stop sitting on the sidelines and watching other people do the things you only dream of doing. You are willing explore the deepest parts of yourself, challenge your beliefs and release the stories that no longer serve you. You are willing to think bigger and ask yourself, 'What do I really want?' You are willing to propel yourself forward and embody the powerful woman you already are.

YOU ARE READY to stop holding yourself back. Ready to stop playing small. Ready to do deep and personal work. Ready to call out bullshit! to your excuses. Ready to find the courage to do the things that scare you. Ready to step into your power and create the life you're meant to live. Ready to define your values and live in integrity. Ready to create a plan, take action and find the courage to do your impossible.



I KNOW how you feel because I've been in your situation. I know what it's like to want to follow your heart and dramatically change your life, but instead you sit in resistance because you're afraid. Because following your heart means uncertainty, discomfort and disruption. I know you're afraid of fail and disrupt with status quo. 

I also know that when I was willing to stop holding myself back, I was able to do the one thing I thought was impossible - an Ironman triathlon. This was no small feat because I had an irrational fear of the water.

I BELIEVE every one of us has untapped potential inside of us. I believe we are all capable of great things and the universe gives us clues to the path we are meant to take. I believe when we dream about doing something, we have the capacity to make it happen. I believe it's our beliefs and stories we tell ourselves that hold us back from realizing our dreams.

I believe if we are willing to look inward, we will find all the answers to our questions. I believe everything you want is on the other side of fear. And if you're willing to walk through fear, the life you are meant to live will begin to unfold.

I WAS WILLING to stop making excuses. I was willing to walk into fear even though I was scared. I was willing listen to what my heart was telling me and trust that everything would work out the way the universe intended.

I was willing to be courageous. My decision to face my fears and do it anyway changed the trajectory of my life. By challenging my beliefs and my stories, I was able to take action and move in a direction that aligned with my purpose.

I'M READY TO help you transform. I'm ready to listen deeply to what you want and give you the tools to stop holding yourself back. I'm ready to help you think bigger, change in your life and do your impossible.

I'm giving you permission to go after your dreams and create the life you were meant to live. Are you ready to make it happen?




  • Create your personal vision

  • Turn your vision into a strategy

  • Transform your mindset and challenge your beliefs

  • Develop an action plan to do your impossible


  • Email/Voxer access in between sessions - you can expect a response within 24 hours (except weekends)

  • Action steps to be taken in between sessions to keep you moving towards your goals

  • Two 90-minute planning sessions (one to create your vision and strategy + one half-way through) 

  • Customized resources and recommendations


14 calls over 6 months: $4800 (monthly payment = $850)
26 calls over 12 months: $9200 (monthly payment = $810)



Susan holds a safe space for me that allows me to be vulnerable and honest. She guides me through the physical and emotional barriers that have held me back, freeing me to reach my goals and set even bigger ones. My work with her has taught me to understand myself on a deeper level, set healthy boundaries for myself and communicate more effectively in both my professional and personal life.

Liz M., Ronkonkoma, NY

Susan worked with me to tackle a plague of self doubt by facing reality and taking action. Her style is one of compassion, patience and reflection. She helped me set goals and move forward. With her help, I went from withdrawing to engaging in life. It's not about what Susan helps you achieve, it's that she supports your ability to allow you to achieve anything on your own.

Dana F., San Francisco, CA

Susan inspires people to think about their present situation and equips them to take action. She has a unique gift of empowering people to move past their circumstances to strive for their best outcome.

Susan H., Smithtown, NY